Functional self-service packaging in the form of hinged blister packs or traditional bi-material blisters.
Blister Packaging

Our hinged blister packs are easy-to-use and optimize the handling. At the same time, they ensure protection of the product during transport and sales. Moreover, the packaged product remains visible from all sides and the consumer can reuse the packaging several times.

Clamshell Packaging

A Clamshell packaging consisting of a front and a rear side which can be securely welded all around fulfills these criteria, as well. Multiple use of the packaging by the consumer is not possible, however, since this option had to be dropped in favor of systematic anti-theft protection. The shape of this packaging variant can be completely tailored to the product to be packaged.

Clamshell packaging consisting of two parts

100% recycling according to the state-of-the-art (individual recycling of each component of the packaging) is achieved by simply separating the uncoated insert card from the hinged packaging or Clamshell packaging made of recyclable plastics.

Decorative thermoformed inserts for the sweets industry
Decorative Inserts for the Sweets Industry

We offer a large range of diverse plastic inserts for sweets and other food packaging produced as small or medium series. Naturally, we also design individual packaging for your special products. We use PET, PS, PP, and PVC material for this purpose.

Representative Displays and Decorative Articles for Sales Promotion

e.g. decorative articles for the jewelry sector
We produce displays for the most diverse products of any industry branch or sector. Not only the optical design, but also the elaborate and product-specific functionality of the displays make sure that they fulfill their representational task.

e.g. thermoformed trays for the cosmetics industry
e.g. transparent sales trays for the food industry

Premium blister packaging Thermoformed parts for individual product protection Economical product presentation