Hinged packs for PCBs
Hinged Packs

Our well-known and proven hinged packs for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in single and double eurocard size are available in numerous variants. This type of packaging is easy-to-handle, practical due to material transparency, and securely stackable and thus optimally protects your PCBs during internal and external transportation.

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Folding Container

Our folding containers are reusable and secure transport containers for PCBs and, moreover, reduce the transport volume to a minimum. The container is largely made of conductive plastics.

Folding container made of conductive plastics
Stackable transport containers for electronic parts
Individual transport inserts for
small load carrier systems
Transport Containers

Our portfolio of self-stacking transport containers also includes individually designed packaging solutions for different PCBs. They can be used both for handling at the workplace and for any kind of transportation.