Self-stacking ABS transport pallets, manufactured in the 3-chamber technique
Transport - and Storage Containers, Manufactured in the 3-Chamber Technique

In contrast to the traditional manufacturing process, the 3-chamber manufacturing technique ensures that the interior and exterior contours of the plastic containers can be specified in one single process step. The thus produced containers feature accurate stacking edges all-round. Whenever these reusable transport containers are stacked, their content is securely protected from dust or other dirt. Thanks to the dimensional accuracy of the interior contours, the containers manufactured in the 3-chamber technique are fully suitable for robot-based handling systems. We have special height-adjustable basic tools, which means that we will only charge you for the specific unit mold to be manufactured individually for your products.

Molded Pallets

We also provide height-adjustable basic tools with diverse exterior dimensions for our cost-effective molded pallets. This type of pallet is primarily suited for smaller products stored and transported in stacks. These pallets are also manufactured with high accuracy, which means that they can be used as workpiece holder in automated production processes. In hundreds of application cases, in particular with very fragile and sophisticated products, these pallets have proven optimal.

Molded pallets in various exterior dimensions and heights
Workpiece holders (handling pallets) for fully automated production processes
Workpiece Holder Systems

Besides our reversible pallets for multiple application fields, we also offer professional workpiece holder systems with very high accuracies. They feature a very good load capacity, excellent stability, and a low empty weight. They are ideal for providing, storing, and stacking products within modern automated distribution, gripping, and transport systems. The specific molding options as well as minimum tolerances in the position accuracy (cavity positions) allow you to perfectly streamline your production process.

All our thermoformed transport container systems are also available in conductive plastics offering protection from electrostatic charge. Our service range also includes additional services, such as heat sealing stamping, imprinting, ultrasonic welding, or the attachment of label holders.

Individual nest geometry Thermoformed insert for illuminated indicators Tray for automatical assembly
Workpiece holder systems on a high level exactness concerning outside
and inside dimensions
Great variety of application possibilities for stockable transport- and storage container systems Exactly formed stack geometry of
a component carrier